Where Does Philanthropy Go From Here?

Dear Resist Community, 
Like many of you, we here at Resist are struggling to find answers. But we aren't lost. That is because we are absolutely certain of one thing: the journey towards justice has never been a straightforward one and we are still on it together
This country has never been pure or righteous. It has always had to be ferociously dragged to be better, often kicking and screaming. Progress never comes easy and that is why they call it a struggle. Sometimes we take a few steps forward, sometimes we are pushed back. But we continue to fight and move slowly towards justice. 
Our job here is to resource that resilient movement. We know they aren't giving up, so neither are we. 
So what do we do now?
The fight for racial justice is as important as ever. We will work harder than ever to make sure we can get resources out to communities confronting white supremacy, Islamophobia, and xenophobia.
The movement for reproductive justice is in an extremely dangerous place right now. We will work tirelessly to get resources out to the groups across this country who are fighting for the rights of women to control their own health and bodies.
The battle for migrant rights might literally have a wall built to stop it. We will commit to continue to support the DREAMers and immigrant rights groups who are bravely organizing for fairness, safety, and justice.
The hard fought victories gained by the LGBTQ movement are in jeopordy. We will increase our efforts to support the bold grassroots groups organizing for safety, rights, and liberation. 
The planet has never been in a more dire place than right now. We will strive more than ever to support the communities on the frontlines of the climate crises, from Standing Rock to the Gulf of Mexico, that are organizing for their livelihoods and the rights of Mother Earth.
Militarism, war, death, and destruction are unfathomably going to get worse. Resist as always will continue to support the most radical anti-war and peace activists who raise their voices and put their bodies on the line to stop the gears of militarism and war.
Philanthropy has a crucial role to play right now. To the fearless communities that are leading the work and won't stop organizing, resisting, and building a better world: we stand with you and will work harder than ever to find the resources to support you in this critical moment.
For the love of the movement, 
The Resist Staff
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