[Image description: Members of Peace Uprising protest with signs on an excavator. One banner reads: “If you build it, we will come” with a red x mark over the words Tar Sands.]

Transfers of stock gifts to RESIST are handled through Folio Institutional. Here is the information you will need to transfer stocks to RESIST:

  • Firm Name: Folio Institutional

  • Firm DTC number: 0728

  • For the Benefit of: Resist Inc.

  • Account Number: RD5710100T

If you have any questions, please feel free to email Seth Kirshenbaum.

Mail: PO Box 301240, Boston, MA 02130

Office: 42 Seaverns Ave., Boston, MA 02130

Resist anonymously receives your stock donations through Folio. If you would like to receive a personalized acknowledgment please email with your name, stock type, and gift amount.

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Today’s world was just a vision 50 years ago and we know that strong grassroots communities will always be the core element of democratic progress. Resist is committed to supporting frontline activists building a just and free world for the next half century and beyond. 

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