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[Image description: Members of Dignidad Inmigrante en Athens at a 2019 caravan #drivingwithoutfear hold signs. One large sign reads: "Families Together and Free"]

One of our organizational principles is emergence. When we came across adrienne maree brown’s book Emergent Strategy in 2017, we were really moved by her work and it deeply resonated with our budding practices of experimentation. Since then, we’ve strengthened our experimentation muscle.

Below are small-scale projects we’ve taken on that continue to move us towards being a more connected, values-aligned, and accountable organization.

Engaging Philanthropy

Radical Philanthropy
Over the past few years, Resist has been in the process of transformation. After celebrating our 50th anniversary three years ago and the accomplishments of thousands of groups we've supported over the years, we began to look towards the horizon and asked ourselves, "What will the next 50 years look like?" On our 51st year we shared our story of transformation with our donors, grantees, and colleagues in philanthropy through our Radical Philanthropy Series on medium. The following year we gathered with supporters, grantees, donors, and folks in philanthropy to celebrate the culmination of our series through an evening of reflection, conversation, and food. We believe Resist has the potential to be a transformative organization in philanthropy and the movements for justice and liberation and we are continuing to think of ways to shift and move towards this in radically principled ways.
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Today’s world was just a vision 50 years ago and we know that strong grassroots communities will always be the core element of democratic progress. Resist is committed to supporting frontline activists building a just and free world for the next half century and beyond. 

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