Organizing for the New World

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“I believe activism should be generative: it should be fun, creative and it should feed our souls…”

-Joshua Allen, Paper Magazine

Are you curious about how your peers in the movement have been responding to this moment? If you want to learn more about the creative interventions they’re using, the ways they’re reimagining our world anew, and have questions about what philanthropy’s role is, come join us.
Our first conversation, Organizing for the New World, between Joshua Allen (co-founder of the Black Excellence Collective) and Barbara Smith (founding member of the Combahee River Collective) is happening on 11/17 and will speak to what organizing amidst a pandemic, uprisings, and an election cycle looks like in this moment, the impact Black feminist theory and anti-capitalist frameworks have had on intergenerational and intersectional movements, and how world-making is not only possible but already in existence. 
Date: Tuesday, November 17th, 2020
Time:  6-7:15 pm EST 
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Joshua Allen

Joshua Allen (they/them) is a non-binary artist and activist from Brooklyn, NY, and founding organizer of the Black Excellence Collective. Currently, they are serving on the board of advisors for the Black Trans Fund, as a member of Resist foundation’s 2020 grant-making panel, and working on their debut collection of prose and poetry titled: “All The Things I Never Said.”

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Barbara Smith

Barbara Smith (she/her) is an author, activist, and independent scholar who has played a groundbreaking role in opening up a national cultural and political dialogue about the intersections of race, class, sexuality, and gender.  She was among the first to define an African American women’s literary tradition and to build Black women’s studies and Black feminism in the United States. She has been politically active in many movements for social justice since the 1960s.

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History tells us that ordinary folks coming together, organizing themselves at the grassroots level, and standing up and fighting for systemic change is the only way to create a better world.  Today we are living through a health and economic crisis. We are watching essential workers across the country put themselves and their health at risk to support us as we navigate this pandemic. We have also felt a collective sorrow as the pandemic disproportionately ravages through Black and brown communities.

We are also living through an uprising against white supremacy and police violence. We are witnessing people across this country, led by Black and brown communities, say not one more killing. People are putting an end to the police state we’ve lived in for too long. These community leaders, too, are essential.

Although we have long known that racist policies create inequitable health outcomes, COVID-19 and this mass uprising highlight the need to maintain justice as a central tenement of what is essential in this country. Resist grantees have always known this to be true and have been on the frontlines, responding to the communities forgotten by the national response to COVID-19 and brutalized by the police. This is why Resist in partnership with the Nellie Mae Education Foundation is hosting a #JusticeIsEssential series that will highlight the work of grantees, people, and organizations all across the country who are responding to this moment with rigor, creativity, and love.

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At Resist, we know that frontline leaders and groups that work for justice and liberation have the heart, knowledge, and tools needed to reimagine and co-create a better world for us all. In the midst of pandemic and uprisings, how do we get closer to this new world, what changes need to take root, and what strategies must be employed?  

Join this three-part conversation as movement leaders, creatives, and elders discuss what organizing for the new world looks like, the importance of healing justice and spiritual resistance, and the role creative resistance can play.


More information on the next two conversations coming soon!

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