Resist Ways of Being:
Covenant and Community Commitments

 We commit to using these values and ways of beings to lift up how well we are living our values and shine light on ways we are not.  Individual members of our community ground their work in many different awarenesses, energies, and practices of love, hope, creativity, spirituality, and dialectical humanism.  We understand this to be a living document that grows and changes with time.


We commit to: 

  • communicate regularly, with respect, love, and patience
  • give and receive feedback regularly, respectfully, and in a spirit that inspires growth and transformation
  • work through tension in a healthy way by actively listening to each other and engaging in mindful communication 
  • ask for help when needed to support each other and offer help when others need it

Work Practices

We commit to: 

  • find and use processes, structures, and systems that strengthen our ability to follow-through, support each other, and hold each other accountable (and adapt as team needs grow/change)
  • put the “we” before the “I” when upholding our work, community, purpose, and outcomes, while also realizing that taking care of ourselves and each other makes the “we” stronger 
  • experiment boldly and learn from our experiences through cycles of experimentation and reflection
  • share power and continually reflect on our power and privilege within Resist and frontline movements, and mindfully communicate with one another about power imbalances we experience in our being and working together
  • be respectful of each other’s work and time through preparation and communication beforehand

Making Our Work Whole and Joyful

We commit to: 

  • cheer each other on and delight in our individual and collective accomplishments
  • balance our work and our home to the best advantage of both
  • value each other and seek to understand and value each other’s gifts
  • support each other’s growth, healing, and joy both inside and outside of Resist  
  • co-create and hold a space that allows for us and others to be and share our full selves
  • nurture one another’s consciousness, wholeness, and joy through being together and working collectively
[Image description: Two black dandelions.]

Become a Resister

Today’s world was just a vision 50 years ago and we know that strong grassroots communities will always be the core element of democratic progress. Resist is committed to supporting frontline activists building a just and free world for the next half century and beyond. 

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