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We're putting the FUN in FUNding our movements. We'll fill Spontaneous Celebrations with six simultaneous tournaments, plus an open game room. Only $20 to play, so buy in advance before it sells out. Each player chooses a game and declares a radical cause. All entry fees go to the radical cause of the tournament winner. 

Poker | Spades | Dominoes
*Each game has a Players Tournament and a Beginners Tournament

Open for self-organized gaming; choose your own game / bring your own game

The purpose of this event is to have fun while putting resources into organizing and movement building for collective liberation. Choose*** the cause you are playing for based on the following criteria: 
1. grassroots group or organization
2. engaged in some form of organizing or movement building
3. building toward justice and liberation
4. working locally in boston/new england

*If you've got a question about our criteria or a group choice, just email us! 
*If you're wondering who to choose, we suggest playing for any local/regional group funded by Resist or Haymarket People's Fund
*We reserve the right to deny any proceeds going to groups that don't fit the criteria. (Get that capitalist white supremacist heteropatriarchy sh&t outta here.)


Food/drink – we'll have dinner plates for sale and drinks for recommended donation.

Childcare – we'll have it! make sure you get a free childcare ticket for each child. there will be follow-up questions on the order form so we know the ages and if you would like to contribute to cover childcare costs (not required).

Game room – open for self-organized gaming. Cards, board games, etc. Please bring your own to share and teach, and we will have some too. Game room buy-ins will be distributed to causes through game room voting process. After exiting poker, dominoes or spades tournament, players encouraged to join the game room.

Tournament times – tournaments kick-off by 6:00PM, with re-buys and final entry at 8:00PM. Tournaments are likely to last until 11:00PM or later.

Tournament rules – will be set by committee in advance.

Teams for spades and dominoes – entering as a team is allowed but not required. Each individual must purchase a tournament buy-in.

Beginners tournaments – poker, spades and dominoes will each have a beginners tournament where you can learn the game and play to win… 'beginner' is defined as having played 0-5 times and learning the basics of the game.

Volunteer – we can definitely use your help with setup, cleanup, tournament operation and more! let us know if you're interested in helping out

Parking/transit – limited parking at the venue and in visitor parking on surrounding streets. Spontaneous is a two-minute walk from Stony Brook Station on the Orange Line, and we suggest taking the T.

Contact us with questions and suggestions –

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