Yesterday’s April Fools’ Email! (No, we did not receive a gift from ExxonMobil!)

April Fools'! We Will Never Sell Out! 

Dear Resist Supporters, 

We hope you all enjoyed yesterday's April Fools' joke we sent to you! 

If there was any confusion – no, we did not receive a $1,000,000 gift from ExxonMobil, nor would we ever accept any donation that would compromise our politics and values.

What makes Resist special and different from most foundations is that thousands of donors give what they can to Resist because they believe in an unwavering principal: Radical grassroots organizing can and will change the world. And there is no way the ExxonMobils of the world are going to let that happen without a fight. 

We are going to support the rebels, the resisters, and all those standing up to power in brave, radical ways, no matter what. 

The response to our April Fools' email was unprecedented! It is very humbling that so many of you know us so well and care so much about the organization. Your emails truly illustrate the passion of the Resist community. Thank you for laughing with us and for all of your support. 

What is not a joke though is the struggle we are all engaged in. So trust us when we say, no amount money could ever buy Resist off. 

Happy April! 

Miabi, Ravi, Saif, Seth, and Yafreisy

P.S. Thanks for all of your responses! Here is a sampling of some of the best:

"You scared me for a minute, then remembered what day it was. I couldn't believe it, after all these years. Whew. Thanks for everything you do, and don't do."

"This was BRILLIANT!!!!!!   Made me laugh…after i realized that it was an April 1 hoax. I was totally outraged that RESIST could do such a thing…  then my partner said 'Ellen  –  what is today's date?' Great job…"

"Well, it's not a million dollars but no strings attached to this gift unlike Exxon πŸ™‚ Great April 1 appeal – keep up the fabulous work!"

"This is a very clever e-mail, I was having a fit!! It does remind one what we are up against. Will send another check soon."

"Your organization is funny.  πŸ˜‰ I was reading this and was like ARE YOU F*CKIN KIDDING ME?!?! Haha, good joke!"

"Coming next: A call to Resist April Fools Day jokes!"

"You had me perplexed and at the same time my pressure started to rise as I thought how can RESIST sell out? Happy April Fools day!"

"You GOT me, but only for half a hot second. My jaw dropped, I said 'ExxonMobil' out loud a few times, read the first 'small change' Resist would have to make, then started laughing. Thank you for bringing some levity to our Very Serious Work!" 

"Saif this was great fun! For a couple of sentences you had me hooked and then I really laughed out loud!"

"Best April Fool's joke ever!"

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