Yesterday’s April Fool’s Email…No, We Are Not Becoming a Lobby Organization!

Dear Resister,

We hoped you enjoyed our annual April Fool’s joke email! (See here if you missed it.)

Rest assured, we are definitely not becoming a lobbying group. We know grassroots groups like the ones we fund at Resist will continue to fight for us 365 days of the year, long after the campaign trail is over – win or lose.

Your support will always go to those resisting, reimagining and building a better world. Support Resist Today!

Resist is a different kind of foundation. We are not swayed or influenced by those in power, instead, we follow the lead of grassroots groups who have the vision, the tools, the expertise, and the heart, to co-create a just and liberated world. Every dollar you give goes to support strategies that are sustainable and transformative.

We also understand this email caused a mix of reactions and we invite you to continue engaging in conversation with us and the larger Resist community about how we can move towards collective liberation.

Thank you for believing in and supporting the work that we do.

To Resisting Illegitimate Authority now and forever!

Resist Staff

P.S. We want to share some of the best responses we received from you!

“Love it! – A 40 year supporter.”

“Thanks for bringing some humor to the movement!! We need more of that. ;)”

“Whoops — Didn’t scroll down far enough 🙂   Now I’m laughing twice. Thanks!!! My reaction was in the face of the dire political landscape and horrific developments each day.  We truly need grassroots progressive politicians to WIN!”

“Happy April Fools Day!”

“I guess I reacted before I read all the way down.  I was shocked, but now I see what you were doing. Thank God you have not forsaken us out here!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!”


You had me laughing my but off at ‘we’re no longer supporting grassroots groups, and will only commit to supporting politicians that will persist until we truly make America great again.’

Thanks so much for this good chuckle about a field that seems so serious all the time!”

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