We Got It! Springfield City Council votes YES for Climate Change Resolution!

For the past couple of months, Arise and our Climate Justice partner organizations, have been working to get a climate change action plan for Springfield. We’ve held community meetings in Mason Square and the North End and talked about ways to help make Springfield greener and cleaner.  We’ve worked with the Green Commission to put together a resolution and last night the City Council passed it UNANIMOUSLY.

Over 200 of us marched from 2 directions, came together on Main St and headed to City Hall where we help a rally before crowding into the City Council chambers including a polar bear, mother earth and a purple wizard who cast a spell of the counselors who voted unanimously to pass our resolution.

What’s next?  Join our Environmental Justice Committee and be part of this important and exciting movement.  Our next meeting is Thursday, Oct 23rd at 4pm at Arise for Social Justice, 467 State Street.

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