The Resistance is Winning and…

…You Are Fueling It

Dear Resister,

We've endured over a year of Trump together, with plenty of fight still in us. Muslims were targeted, young Dreamers faced deportation, white supremacists were emboldened to parade in public, and corporate profit reigned over our environment – and the list goes on…

I write to you, our office is being inundated with more than double the number of requests for grants from progressive activist groups coast to coast that are on fire to make a difference. These groups are often ignored or rejected by mainstream funding sources that attach too many strings to their gifts, or are fearful of "rocking the boat." These communities that you help support depend on us. And you and I depend on them to act as guardians against injustices that are happening constantly beneath the headlines.


I'm writing to thank you for standing with us and to urge you to help us become even stronger in 2018 by donating today


If we can raise $100,000 by the end of April, we will be able to reward 20 more activist groups with $4,000 grants, and 20 more $1,000 emergency grants for groups responding to the many injustices we all are facing.

As a fellow resister who gets a firsthand look at the satisfying impact of your gifts, I want to tell you about just a few of the injustices you've recently helped progressives overcome.

When a group of anti-Muslim extremists descended on Raleigh, North Carolina, it was our grantee, Muslims for Social Justice, that organized a counter-protest, marching bravely in the face of their opponents to the State Capitol.

Nimiipuu Protecting the Environment is an indigenous group of Resist grantees in Idaho that is daring to take on Exxon-Mobil-and winning. They have organized blockades to physically stop mega-load trucks carrying equipment to mine for oil and tar sands.

Portland Harbor Community Coalition is a group of indigenous, black, immigrant, and houseless people committed to reclaiming the contaminated Willamette River, despite Trump's war on the EPA. Thank you for supporting their never-give-up spirit and self-sufficiency, and that of so many other Resist grantees defending our planet.

These are just a few of the areas in which Resist grantees are fighting and winning. Our grantees are leading the resistance against increasing homophobia, sexism, police violence against black communities, xenophobia against immigrants, and attacks on the rights of workers.

One hundred percent of the funds we distribute to these activists and others come from you and other Resist donors. You help us to step in with the funds they need for bus fare to get to a protest site, local TV and print messages, and other necessary costs. You enable us to link these groups together and increase their strength.

It's been half a century now that we've been undertaking this important work, backed entirely by individuals like you. How can we express our gratitude and admiration? We can only ask that you recognize how important you are in the fight against immoral authority.

Saif Rahman

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