The Power of Hope, Community, and Change

Dear Resister,

Your donations remind us of the power of hope, community, and change. While the Trump administration continues to wage war on the lives of those who are undocumented, LGBTQ, Muslim, Indigenous, disabled, women, and folks of color, we are stronger when we give our attention and resources to the communities on the frontlines of change who dare to hope, re-imagine, and fight for change.


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This February cycle we moved $139,840 to 66 grassroots groups who are a voice for those who have been ignored and silenced, and they won’t stop until we win. 


Below you can read about three of our “Hell Yeah!” grantees, fully funded groups that exemplify all of the radical, intersectional, necessary work happening on the ground.  


These groups are resisters, re-imaginers, and resilience builders  who are organizing for immigrant rights, are being led by those most impacted when it comes to immigration and education, are collectively imagining self-determined futures for their communities, and much more!


Join me in thanking them by supporting their work for years to come.


Centro Corona  (1) is an inter-generational community space which centers the experience, leadership of working-class and immigrant communities from Corona, NY to build a self-determined, collectively-imagined futures.They were recently forced to leave the space they once called home and are in need resources for a physical space they can manage and sustain.  With a dedicated space, Centro Corona can continue offering free alternative arts and political education workshops, network weaving spaces, and one-on-one crisis support. 


Fuerza Latina (2) is an organization led by immigrants for immigrants. They educate, inform, organize, and promote change to improve the quality of life of immigrants in their community.  While they’ve done so much with so little, Fuerza Latina needs our help so that they can hire two part-time organizers to continue their work on combating school closures, organizing hotline efforts to help undocumented folks fight their deportations, and provided DACA application assistance through their free clinics.


PhillySun (3) is building community run public schools with, parents, citywide officials, young people, school staff, organizations. Under the threat of gentrification and the privatization of schools, PhillySun needs help to continue amplifying the voices of Black mothers fighting for transformative and locally-controlled schools for their community.  


This cycle we received a record number of applicants and funded 88 groups in just three months, leading to significantly smaller awards for each grantee.


When you make a gift today, you’re sending a message to a vast network of activists that you stand with them on the right side of history.


In solidarity,



Director of Communications and Storytelling


Stay connected to our grantees’ transformative work by visiting our Website and by following us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram.




  1. Centro Corona:  

  2.   Fuerza Latina:

  3. PhillySun:

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