The Belly of the Beast

On certain occasions, the beast comes out in full daylight. 

Whether it be brutal, illegal torture by the hands the US Government abroad or the violence and terrorizing of black and brown communities by the police here in the US, one thing is for sure: we live in the belly of a violent, cunning beast that wants to keep us divided and afraid.

Yes, times are tough, as they always seem to be. But we aren't disheartened or discouraged.  

Resist focuses our modest funds on groups working in the US that are organizing to fundamentally change what this government and their corporate friends do in our name. Everyday we bear witness to groups such as the Justice CommitteeINCITE! Women, Gender Non-Conforming, and Trans people of Color* Against Violence, and BreakOut! that are all leading the way in the struggle for justice against police violence. Then there are the groups that are fighting for an end to US militarism and all of the byproducts of the "War on Terror" such as Iraq Veterans Against the War – ChicagoCivilian Solider Alliance, and BAY-Peace.

It is because of groups like these that are in the struggle every single day that shifts in public consciousness are possible, that hope and inspiration can spread like wildfire, and that what seemed impossible, is possible.  

From Ferguson to torture sites, from Palestine to fracking sites, we know that all of these issue are connected. Only a movement led by the grassroots will be able to create a world in which this beast does not exist. 

We invite you to read about all the groups standing up to injustice here on our website and we guarantee you will be inspired by what you see.

As always, thank you to all of the courageous groups fighting racism and violence at home and abroad. We hope you decide to to support them with us today. 

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