Support Queer Liberation – Our Pride Giving Guide is Out!

[Image description: Front cover of Resist's 2021 Pride Giving Guide. Protestors gather around the Brooklyn Museum wearing masks, mostly wearing white, holding signs. Two protestors hold a large banner in brown, black, and purple that reads:

Support Queer Liberation:

Resist’s Pride Giving Guide


Dear Resister,

Happy Pride! This month the world has celebrated the resilience, vision, and brilliance of the queer community amidst a global health and economic crisis and ongoing state-sanctioned violence against those most impacted by systemic oppression.

From its inception, pride has been a time to reflect on and resist the ongoing societal and systemic oppressions that LGBTQIA+ folks face on a daily basis. Here at Resist, we believe that the movement is winning, in beautiful and creative ways, thanks to the queer groups on the ground moving the needle for us all. Today we celebrate the wins and ask you to join us in supporting these groups, marching us, hand in hand, towards a new world.

Resist supports LGBTQ groups at the frontlines of the movement for justice nationwide. Give generously to support the fight for queer liberation.

Below you’ll find our annual Pride Giving Guide, which highlights Resist grantees who won’t stop resisting and re-imagining a world until queer liberation, visibility, dignity, and rights are possible and cannot be stripped away.

They deserve your direct support year-round, not just during pride month.


View the Pride Giving Guide




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