Songs for the Ailing and Joyous Resister, A Thank You from Resist

Throughout time, movements for change have been strengthened and revolutionized by powerful music. When oppression and repression hit hard or when we won beautiful struggles in our communities, we leaned on music to celebrate, heal, and propel us forward.

Music: (words set to) rhythmic melodies that awaken our senses; a special, potent kind of incantation that makes (and has made) all the difference in our movements for justice and liberation.

Over the course of 2017, we’ve read hundreds of words from our donors, inked onto paper clippings or corners of donation slips. We’ve heard the fear and anxiety that this administration (and administrations like it) has instilled in so many of us.

In a louder chorus we’ve also heard the overwhelming courage, commitment, honesty, and will to resist that has always characterized the thousands of donors that make Resist what it is. As this challenging year comes to a close, we want to celebrate this powerful growth of our grassroots movements.

In gratitude to all working for our collective freedom we offer a curated playlist of movement and resis-dance songs from Resist grantees.

We put out a call for songs that connect us to our courageous freedom and our will to resist, and grassroots activists responded. Check some of them out!

The playlist is a collection of songs to sustain us as we light and sustain the fires of justice and liberation that live in our bodies and souls. It was crowdsourced from the amazing groups we get to fund and the wider Resist community.

If you’re moved, comment with your favorite movement song and we will add them to our growing playlist. To resisting and dancing with you in 2018 and beyond…

Yours in solidarity,
Co-director of Radical Philanthropy, Resist

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