Resist’s 2021 Holiday Giving Guide

[Image description: Protestors lay on the floor holding up signs, one protestor holds a megaphone stands in front. Resist logo on top left corner and title words read:

Happy Holidays! While the Holidays may look differently for many this year, what remains the same for us at Resist is our gratitude for the thousands of Resisters who help make our grantees’ work possible. Thank you for marching with us, hand in hand, to create a different world – one that works for us all.

We also know that movements for justice don’t just need resources, they need you. When you support local grassroots activism, national movements for justice and freedom grow stronger and become more nimble. Our Holiday Giving Guide is here to directly connect you with local Resist grantees. Check out the guide today, share it widely with your community, and consider getting involved, because it’s going to take all of us to change the world for the better.

In our Giving Guide you’ll find a directory of our 2021 Hell Yeah! Grantees sorted by region. These groups, selected unanimously by our grantee-led grant-making panel for full funding, are an example of the radical, intersectional, necessary work happening on the ground across the country and they deserve your direct support this holiday season.

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