Resist Grantees Lead the Charge – Our August Grant Cycle

[ID: Black and white photograph of members holding signs in front of a home. Some signs read:

Dear Resister,

We know that even in the face of formidable challenges, grassroots movements have always paved the way for change and liberation, while the rest of the world follows.

Resist grantees don’t wait for those in power to help solve community problems, they act swiftly, with integrity and great resolve. Those on the frontlines of change know that when we stand with them, dedicating energy and resources to their work, we are all one step closer to bringing about the change we need.

This moment requires us to shift, not only to meet today’s challenges but also to envision and build tomorrow’s world. Our grantees have always risen to the occasion, and our August grant cycle is proof that no matter who is in office when stewarded by the people most impacted, the essential work of justice continues.

I’m excited to announce that this past grant cycle, we more than doubled our giving and redistributed $305,000 to 63 grassroots groups transforming their communities, tackling injustices, and making the impossible possible! We awarded 16 Accessibility grants – the most ever in our 53-year history, moving us towards communities and movements that are accessible to ALL.

But as Resist grantees are fighting against backward and outdated policies, responding to community needs amid a pandemic, and continuing their fight for justice and liberation, the need for grassroots groups is ever-growing. Our grantees need you. The movement needs you. When you make a recurring gift to Resist, it allows us to redistribute funds sustainably and better meet our grassroots groups’ most pressing needs.

Click here to read about three of our Hell Yeah! Grantees, groups that exemplify all of the radical, innovative, and necessary work happening on the frontlines of movements for social justice.

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