Protests on Streets of Burien to Repeal Trespass Ordinance

On Fri. Mar. 27 S.A.F.E. (Standing Against Foreclosure and Eviction) and other advocates marched through the streets of Burien to protest Ordinance 621, the city’s trespass ordinance.

Along with picketing in front of Burien’s City Hall and Library demonstrations were also held in front of select businesses in Burien. These included Mayor Lucy Krakowiak’s Moss Chiropractic at 612 S.W. 152nd St. and Skinperfect at 905 S.W. 152nd St.

Demonstrators chose Skinperfect after owner Darla Green recently began a proposal for panhandling permits to be required in the city. Permits such as these are used in cites in Texas and Florida and require the applicant to pass a background check as well as produce two forms of ID.

“To expose Burien City Council and staff lied to SAFE Homeless Banned in Burien 606/621, that Burien Ordinance 606/621 really was created to target the homeless, and now confirming [the] anti-homeless agenda this week with Burien business owners pushing anti-homeless panhandler permit proposal to City Council,” wrote Bang Nguyen for S.A.F.E. in a press release of the reasons for the Friday’s demonstrations.

On Feb. 23 protestors from S.A.F.E., advocacy groups and homeless citizens marched on Burien City Hall against Ordinance 606 during a regularly scheduled City Council meeting.

During that meeting Green caused a stir with S.A.F.E. and other protesters when she asked that all those not paying taxes leave the council chambers. Numerous speakers and presenters addressed Green’s comments before the meeting during their presentation time to the council.

The ordinance at time was controversial for a provision that allowed police to pass out tickets for smelling bad.

Supporters of the ordinance contend that it is not anti-homeless and is focused on reducing criminal behavior throughout the city.

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