Part IV of “Transforming Resist: A Series on Radical Philanthropy”

Dear Resister,

For the past four months we’ve been sharing our story of transformation, this Foundation Friday is no different. In the fourth installment of our Radical Philanthropy Series we’re introducing you to Resist’s Worker Self-Directed Nonprofit model.

Learn more about how our collective structure helps us live deeper into our values.

During this series, we’ve been able to weave a thread through the core beliefs and practices that anchor Resist while highlighting some of the key choices we’ve made that continue to move us towards being better, more connected, whole people. In philanthropy, we don’t often think about organizational structure as a critical part of meeting our mission, living into our values, and ensuring our staff harness their full potential. The truth is, structure matters. How you do your work is equally as important as the work itself.

Find out how we do our work at Resist here .

In spirit,

Kendra Hicks

Co-director, Resist

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