On Ferguson, Justice, and Solidarity

Dear Resist Community, 

While there is no silver lining to the news last night of yet another police officer not being held accountable in Ferguson, Missouri, we here at Resist were heartened to read the outpouring of support from grantees and allies across the nation. Whether you work on immigrant rights, reproductive rights, labor rights, or something else, grassroots groups are coming together, showing support for one another, connecting the issues, and sharing information about actions and demonstrations in their communities.

Below are a few immediate messages of solidarity and cries for justice from grantees and allies from across the country. 

Thank you to all of the activists and grassroots groups working to overturn the systems of racism, white supremacy, and state violence that produce police murders like that of Mike Brown.  

The struggle for justice for Mike Brown, for racial justice in Ferguson and beyond, and an end to state violence once and for all, will not be easy.  

But we know this from history: this struggle requires all of us.  

In solidarity,  

Resist Staff

We stand in solidarity with #Ferguson and with our black brothers and sisters. Our communities know too well what it is like to be targeted because of what we look like. We are all part of #OneStruggle and will not stop fighting for justice, because #BlackLivesMatter, because our communities matter, because #OurLivesMatter.

Communities are coming together to demand change; to demand equality and respect for our rights as human beings. The immigrant rights movement joins in solidarity with our brothers and sisters in Ferguson. We are all here to join one fight. #OneStruggle #Ferguson

-CT Students for a Dream  

We don’t need the police to facilitate our anger – they are the very reason for that anger. And we don’t need the courts to pretend to be neutral arbiters of justice. Guilty or not guilty will not bring Michael Brown back, and will not prevent the next shooting of a Black or Brown person by police. This war-making by the state can only be confronted by collective resistance driven by our commitment to self-determination.

– Mohamed Shehk, Critical Resistance

Our hearts go out to the family of Michael Brown, to those in Ferguson and those demonstrating across the nation. 

– NARAL Pro-Choice Texas 

Two strikes against justice in Missouri today: the grand jury decision regarding officer Darren Wilson, and the DNR's permit for a CAFO to be built in Callaway County. Neither action supports NFFC's mission: viable livelihoods for food producers and workers; good food for all; and healthy, sound communities.

As Cesar Chavez said, "Non-violence is hard work. It is the willingness to sacrifice. It is the patience to win." We'll have to work smarter, but together we can win.

National Family Farm Coalition  

We work for a day when all lives matter. When all children are loved, valued and respected and no one is criminalized or demonized because of the color of their skin or country of origin. 

Alabama Coalition for Immigrant Justice  

Standing in solidarity and love with the people of Ferguson and all throughout this nation and the world who justly feel wronged by the non-indictment of the police officer who shot Michael Brown. Renewing our commitment to double up efforts in our collective march towards a more just, peaceful and equitable world. Black lives DO matter! 

– Neighbor to Neighbor Massachusetts Education Fund  

The entire system is guilty. 

– SOA Watch

This is bigger than one decision. Across this nation, communities are coming together to demand change. There is a national movement that goes far beyond this one moment. In America, the people, united, CAN win positive change. 

Today's decision is a start, not an end. We will direct our moral outrage into non-stop, nonviolent action to win meaningful change. Our goal is to end the fear and suffering of children, families, and entire communities that are targeted, harassed and gunned down by police.

Join us tomorrow in unity, peace, and solidarity. We WILL continue to fight for our Black and Brown communities! 

– Black Lives Matter Boston

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