November 8th Will Go Down in History

November 8th will go down in history. On that day the world was warned of extremely severe dangers unless urgent steps are taken to deal with global warming. Second, the most powerful country in world history placed the entire government (executive, legislative, judicial branches) in the hands of an organization-the Republican Party-dedicated to escalating the race to disaster.
      As we know all too well, Trump's impending presidency has raised the stakes very, very high for everything we value, including the very survival of our planet. Mobilization and activism are the only ways we have to push back.
These are our tools, and we must use them.
Please confirm your commitment to Resist with your tax-deductible year-end gift today . It could well be the most important gift you make all year.
      If you've recently made a donation to Resist, I cannot thank you enough.
      It's only through your support, and that of other progressive individuals like you, that Resist continues to stand strong as a major funder of frontline struggles in the U.S. today. Through your generosity, you're giving thousands of dynamic grassroots activist groups the means to stage demonstrations and direct actions… hire attorneys… lobby government… print materials… pay rent and salaries… and do whatever else is needed to demand justice – and protect hard-fought rights from being denied.
      And while you're also joining protests, signing petitions, and writing letters to express your opposition to Trump's policies, please keep this in mind:
Every dollar you give to Resist helps empower thousands more activists to amplify your demands. Through your tax-deductible gifts, what you can do as one person is multiplied a thousand-thousand-fold.
      November 8th, 2016, might turn out to be one of the most important dates in human history, depending on how we react. No exaggeration.
Supporting grassroots organizing through Resist is a powerfully effective reaction to our catastrophe. If you have not done so already, please make your year-end gift now. And bless you for your activism.
      For the love of the movement,
      Noam Chomsky
      Resist Co-Founder
      P.S. Resist urgently needs your support to secure the funds needed for the struggle ahead. Our funding dollars are going to be more important than ever to the brave activists working on the frontlines for the causes we believe in. If you haven't yet donated, now is the time to be especially generous. All gifts received by December 31 are tax-deductible in 2016. Thank you.
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