Native American Support Group Wants Wahoo Logo Removed

CLEVELAND – Native American support group Committee of 500 Years of Dignity and Resistance is once again calling for the removal of the Chief Wahoo logo from all Cleveland Indians uniforms and merchandise.

Support group leaders Marjorie Villafane and Ferne Clements believe the logo is a racist, out-of-date logo, and after decades of protests against the logo, it's time for Chief Wahoo to be phased-out completely.

Villafane, who is of Native American decent, told she also questioning whether Cleveland Indians banners posted on city power poles in front of Progressive Field have the proper city permits.

The banners show Indians players wearing the Chief Wahoo logo.

 "Change the name, change the logo. It's simple as that," said Villafane. "I don't think it's a nitpicking issue, if it's dangerous to the public I think they should take down the banners."

Watch the video and read the entire article here. 

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