Missoulians Rally Together for Global Day of Action

MISSOULA, Mont. – On Monday, a global summit on climate change kicks off. President Obama will join more than 100 other world leaders for the largest gathering of diplomats in Paris since the 1940's. They'll try to work out a binding agreement among nations to battle climate change, and they are being pressured by groups across the globe who staged demonstrations urging a resolution.

Nearly 100 Missoulians rallied together on Sunday to call for action on climate change.

"I know that climate change is impacting our world but it's also impacting locally our children and if we don't believe the scientists, if we don't do something now, it may be too late," said Missoula resident Deandria Gutzmer.

They're asking for investments in renewable energy and they want to steer clear from coal. "We have the potential to develop an entirely new infrastructure for energy," said 350 Missoula Co-Chair Jeff Smith.

They unfurled a banner above train tracks in Missoula that bear thousands of tons of Montana coal each week.

Coal that some Montanans say is vital to the economy.

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