Inside Appalachia Launches The Struggle to Stay

It’s not always easy to live in these mountains, but some of us are determined to stay. In this week’s episode of Inside Appalachia, we'll explore the deep roots to the region in a new series called The Struggle to Stay.

Appalachia isn’t alone in watching its young people fight with the decision to stay or go from their homeplace—it’s a conversation happening all over the country. But people are leaving parts of Appalachia at a rapid pace. 

It’s also true that some cities in Appalachia are gaining population- but rural areas, especially coal-dependent communities in southern W.Va. and eastern KY are seeing young people leave in droves.

In this episode, we hear from several young Appalachians working to create new opportunities in their communities. They joined us on stage at Virginia Tech at the annual Appalachian Studies Association Conference (ASA) in March 2017. 

Listen to the story featuring Resist grantee the STAY Project here.

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