Indigenous Peoples’ Day: Shifting Narratives with Ominira Part II

[Image description: Volunteer prepares food on the back of a pick-up truck as part of their Food Security program in collaboration with the group Espicynipples.]
Today, on Indigenous Peoples Day, a day of collective national attention, we honor and uplift the voices, the fighting spirit, and the resilience of Indigenous peoples across the Americas. We also invite you to listen to, learn from, and directly support Indigenous-led Resist grantees who embody wisdom and are on the ground taking action for their sovereignty, their dignity, their health, as well as the wellbeing of planet earth today and every day.


Click below to read part two of a two-part series and learn about how Resist grantee Ominira (formerly Semillas) is cultivating healing and spiritual spaces for trans and queer communities on the island of Puerto Rico:


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