How the Non-Binary Revolution Hit the West Coast

If history is any lesson, the groundwork for a non-binary revolution is being laid now.

One of the most consequential moments in the transgender rights movement to date happened years before the so-called “Transgender Tipping Point” of 2014: In 2010, the U.S. State Department began allowing transgender people to change the gender markers on their passports from “M” to “F” or vice versa with a letter from a doctor rather than requiring sex reassignment surgery.

As The Daily Beast has previously reported, the Social Security Administration followed suit a few years later and state laws around drivers’ licenses began falling in line as well.

More and more transgender people were able to easily obtain appropriate government identification—a crucial component of a gender transition in a society where we are asked to show ID everywhere from airports to bars to job applications.

Read the entire piece featuring Resist Grantee Gender Justice League here. 

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