Hot Protest in an Ice-Cold Super Bowl City

Local organizers are using old-fashioned solidarity to combat the corporate prom that is Super Bowl week in the Twin Cities.

There are two contests taking place in Minneapolis–St. Paul this weekend. One, of course, is the Super Bowl, the NFL’s reward to Vikings owner Zygi Wilf for getting taxpayers to hand half a billion dollars to build his football arena, the aptly named US Bank Stadium.

The other contest involves local unions and a wide array of social-justice organizations attempting to be heard over the hype and din of Super Bowl week. Their battle pits them against the under-discussed economic and social trauma that the Super Bowl brings. Their plan is to “disrupt the narrative” that what the Super Bowl arrives with is not only acceptable but something to be celebrated.

As Veronica Mendez Moore from the Twin Cities Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En Lucha (CTUL) said to me, “It’s not about being anti-football. It’s about being against a corporate party that’s extracting from our communities and creating an environment of militarization, while increasing wealth at the top at expense of those at the bottom.”

Read the entire article featuring grantee Centro De Trabajadores Unidos En Lucha (CTUL)

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