To be truly radical is to make hope possible rather than despair convincing. -Raymond Williams 

As a member of the Resist family, you understand that we do things a bit differently around here. 

For 48 years, we have never tried to take the easy or obvious road. That is because we are committed to walking our talk by always striving to live out our politics and values. 

This doesn't just refer to our grantmaking but equally important, our fundraising as well. 

Despair is the easy road. There are countless crises, infinite sad stories, and an inexplicable number of guilt-laden photographs out there to pull on the heart-strings and get good people to open up their wallets and donate money to a seemingly good cause. 

Let's be clear: this method works. 

But not for us. 

We believe hope is a stronger feeling than despair. And for 48 years, bucking this fundraising trend has enabled us to grow every single year and has led to more money in the hands of more grassroots groups.

Because of you, we have the privilege to witness the power of all these grassroots groups that are bravely standing up to the most ruthless and violent institutions in the world…and are winning

We could try to convince you with despair, but that would be a lie. These groups give us hope at Resist, and we feel it is our responsibility to share that perspective with the world.

So this fundraising season, we hope you will join us and the thousands of grassroots activists Resist supports in being truly radical and making hope possible. 

In solidarity, 

Jax, Kendra, Nisha, Ravi, Saif, and Seth

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