Hope and Action

If 2013 were to be boiled down to one word, it would be action.

We saw tens of thousands of prisoners go on hunger strike to protest the conditions of their imprisonment, a feat that took an unthinkable amount of courage, organizing, and support.

We witnessed intrepid environmental justice activists on the frontlines come together and step up to the industries and officials responsible for destroying our communities and the planet – from the Keystone Pipeline to fracking to nuclear power plants.

This past year saw immigrant rights activists truly live up to their rallying cry “undocumented and unafraid,” by putting their bodies and futures on the line by blocking deportation buses and sitting in at detention facilities across the country.

The sheer amount of bravery exhibited by these activists across the country is simply beautiful. These actions only scratch the surface of what the grassroots were able to do this past year.

Because of our broad base of donors, we are extremely proud to have the freedom to support these efforts and many more. In total, we gave out more money than ever before – $406,290 through 146 grants to the most critical groups in the United States.

When we think about organizing on this level, with this amount of courage propelling it, multiplied by the thousands of grassroots activists in every corner of the country – it produces a renewed sense of hope.

This could not have happened without all of the supporters who believe like we do that peace and justice will be achieved through the collective efforts by those on the frontlines taking action.

Thank you so much to everyone who helped make RESIST’s 47th year possible. Your actions give us hope that a better world is possible

Saif Rahman is the director of communications at Resist and the editor of the Newsletter.

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