Giving to Black and Indigenous Liberation Every Day

2022 BLGG (Instagram Post)
Dear Resister,
It goes without saying that the corporate holiday of Black Friday and the celebration of colonialism go against everything we believe in at Resist. What we do believe in is people power. We believe that if we invest in Black and Indigenous organizers, movement builders, healers, and reimaginers, if we use our financial resources as medicine, we can transform the world. So join us in making “Giving Tuesday” about giving to support Indigenous sovereignty and Black Liberation. 
For over a half-century, Resist has been committed to funding Black and Indigenous liberation work all around the country and this year is no different. Although we believe that there is no ethical consumption under capitalism, money can, in fact, be medicine when used as a tool to support self-sufficiency and liberation. Create medicine for our community, and support Resist in redistributing resources to those at the frontlines of the movements for justice and liberation.
Below are Black-led Resist grantees fighting to move us closer to a world where we can all experience more justice joy, and freedom, as well as a link to our Indigenous Giving Guide.
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