February Grant-Making Cycle: Meet the Resisters Building Tomorrow


Dear Resister,

This moment requires us to shift, not only to match the challenge of today but to build the world of tomorrow. Our grantees have always risen to the occasion, and this past grant cycle is proof that no matter who is in office -when stewarded by the people most impacted- the essential work of justice continues. 

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 I’m thrilled to report that we redistributed $198,000 to 43 grassroots groups transforming their communities, tackling injustices, and making the impossible possible. 

But the need for grassroots groups is overwhelming. We have received the most applicants in any given award cycle and had to say no to dozens of groups that we have supported in the past. Our grantees need you. The movement needs you. When you make a recurring gift to Resist, it allows us to sustainably redistribute funds and better meet the most pressing needs of our grassroots groups. 

Below you can read about three of our Hell Yeah! Grantees, groups that exemplify all of the radical, innovative, and necessary work happening on the frontlines of movements for justice and liberation.

Our grantees have always known that maintaining the status quo only benefits the few and not the many. This is why they work tirelessly to resist the systemic oppression of the most marginalized communities while reimagining the alternatives that will birth the new world.

Colectivo Ilé (1) is dedicated to anti-racist community organizing and leadership development in Puerto Rico. They are helping to build the new world by providing education, training, and organizing that supports a collective reimagining of the Puerto Rican diaspora without racism and other systemic forms of oppression while fostering a healthy racial identity in Puerto Rican girls and women. 

Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan (2) trains the leaders of tomorrow by giving youth activists the tools to hold leaders accountable, fight for justice on behalf of their communities, and demand a seat at the table for all marginalized youth. During this crisis, they have held virtual community gathering spaces and have assembled a youth-led COVID-19 Taskforce to provide youth in need with direct services. 

Rematriation Magazine and Sisterhood (3) connects Indigenous women through cultural gatherings and their digital platform. They are supporting the resurgence of healing and unity in their communities and reinstating the ancestral dignity and cultural leadership of Indigenous women. Through the power of storytelling, Rematriation Magazine helps Indigenous women reclaim their identities and rewrite their stories on their terms. 

To the brave frontline communities, leading the work, organizing, resisting, and building a better tomorrow: we stand with you. In this critical moment, it is our responsibility to make your work more possible and we pledge to do just that.

Join me in thanking these groups by supporting their work for years to come.


In solidarity,


Director of Communications and Storytelling


  1. Colectivo Ilé: https://resist.org/grantees/colectivo-il%C3%A9
  2. Detroit Area Youth Uniting Michigan: https://resist.org/grantees/detroit-area-youth-uniting-michigan
  3. Rematriation Magazine and Sisterhood:https://resist.org/grantees/rematriation-magazine-and-sisterhood-0
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