“Best Check I Write All Year”

Dear Fellow Activists, Donors, and Resisters,
As one of the curators of the monthly  Berkeley South Asian Radical History Walking Tour, I research and share histories from a century of South Asian American movements for justice in Berkeley, California, using storytelling, visuals, and street theater.
Some of the stories we share on our walking tour are grand epics, like the history of the Ghadar Party, which mobilized thousands from across the West Coast and around the world to return to India to try to end British colonization.
But most of the stories are much smaller, from the sixteen South Asian students who organized an anti-racist protest in 1908, to intersectional feminists working to hold abusers accountable, to Pakistani and Indian high school students fighting backlash attacks after 9/11.
As a community-based historian, I’ve seen the massive cumulative impact of a century of local progressive and radical movements for justice in my community. And that’s why I’m proud to be a Resist donor since 1999, to fund this work in communities across the country.
My annual Resist pledge is the best check I write all year, and an investment in our shared future.
Resist grantees stand on the right side of history, winning real measurable victories today, and building the movements whose stories we’ll be able to celebrate in decades to come. 
Anirvan Chatterjee 
Anirvan Chatterjee is a techie, community historian, and activist from Berkeley, California. He’s been a Resist donor since 1999. Find him online at www.chatterjee.net and @anirvan.
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