Announcing Major Changes to Resist’s Grant Program

Dear Resisters,

For almost 50 years, Resist has always tried to figure out how we can resource communities in order to help spark the most radical social change possible. 
At a recent Resist Board meeting, we discussed the state of the world and had a profound realization. 


Whether it was the Vietnam War and the struggle for Civil Rights in the 1960s, or the fight against the economic inequality, institutional racism and sexism, and climate change today, we have always known that the vast majority of the world's problems are started by one group of people: powerful, rich, straight, white men.
It hit us like a brick. Our entire grantmaking priorities needed to change. 
Resist is Excited to Announce…
Starting immediately, Resist will now be directing 100% of its grants to powerful, rich, straight, white men. We need to get to the root of the problem. That is where the change needs to happen, so that is where all of our money will now go.


We know that this may seem like a dramatic shift. But since it dawned on us that our funding priorities all these years have been misguided, we have a responsibility to follow our conscious and now support the richest and most powerful jerks out there. The Trumps, Cheneys, and Kochs of the world desperately need our support.  
We are calling this new initiative "Trickle-up Philanthropy." 
We hope you will forget about the wars, exploitation, and ecological destruction they have caused and donate today to celebrate this new chapter in Resist's long history! 
The Resist Board 
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