Announcement! Resist is Changing Our Name

Dear Resist Community, 

Fifty years ago a group of brave individuals came together, drew up a plan to support the resistance to the Vietnam war, and founded this organization in contempt of the law. They decided to name it a one-word declaration of defiance to illegitimate authority for all of the world to hear: RESIST.

But times have changed and we find ourselves in a very different world.

Those in power hate the Resistance more than ever before.

We have to change our approach. They claim that they want, deserve, and will only listen to politeness, deference, and obedience. Changing who we are and what we stand for is the only way for them to listen. Resist is no longer acceptable. Therefore…

We are extremely excited to announce after 50 years,

we are changing our name to… 


We need to respect those in power, not to resist them anymore. 

With this name change, some of our values and politics are also changing: 

  • No more protests and civil disobedience, no more holding politicians and corporate CEO's feet to the fire, and no more exposing the greed and ruthlessness of those in power. Only respectful dialogue and moderate discourse is allowed.
  • We need to work with these powerful and evil institutions to reform them. No longer will we aim to dismantle these systems, but we will work with the oil companies, the gun lobby, law enforcement, military contractors, and the Walmarts of the world. 
  • If you can't beat them, join them, right? We will work within both the Democratic and Republican Party, and yes, that means we will raise money for and work closely with Donald Trump himself. 

​​Over the years Resist has supported the resistance to the most powerful evil forces out there: militarism, capitalism, racism, sexism, homophobia, xenophobia, and so many more. And that resistance has grown, won countless victories, and transformed the world for the better. 

But now we are excited to support only those who groups who respect these immoral institutions and who only passively, quietly, and politely request for them to be just a tiny bit less evil!

We hope you welcome this newest change to Resist, ooops, we mean Respect! 

To respecting illegitimate authority, 

Resist Staff and Board

P.S. Happy April Fool's Day!!! You know us too well of course, Resist would never do any of this. The only people we respect are those who resist power. Always have and always will. Donate to Resist and to help fuel this resistance!

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