Activists Rally for Affordable Housing in Springfield

SPRINGFIELD — A group of housing advocates held a rally outside Springfield City Hall Thursday evening, calling for expanded affordable housing and eviction reform.

Members of the demonstration, organized by local activism groups Arise for Social Justice and Springfield No One Leaves, marched from the corner of Sherman and State Streets to Court Square, carrying banners and chanting slogans.

"What do we want? Affordable housing! When do we want it? Now!" the marchers said.

Speakers, including people who have experienced homelessness, called on the city to ensure its residents have access to housing and to launch a study of Springfield's housing stock.

"We are rallying because there are too many people in Springfield live on the edge of homelessness," Executive Director of Arise for Social Justice Michaelann Bewsee said in a statement. "Many are already homeless – they are staying in shelters or sleeping on the street. Some want us to think that this problem has gone away, but it hasn't, it's gotten worse."

See photos, watch a video, and read the entire article here

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