A Simple Anti-fracking Plan: Turn Colorado into New York

Environmental activists recently made headlines by abandoning a statewide ballot measure that would ban hydraulic fracturing – and the oil and natural gas production it makes possible – all across Colorado. Even so, the activists warn they “still have plenty to work with.” Several more ballot measures are in the works to legalize local energy bans and prohibit drilling across huge areas of the state’s existing oil and gas fields.

Those measures will be cloaked in the rhetoric of giving more control to local governments and residential neighborhoods, just like the last set of anti-fracking measures in 2014. But the objective is the same: Imposing a New York-style fracking ban that will wipe out one of the Colorado’s most important industries.

We know this because the activists have said it themselves. When Gov. Andrew Cuomo (D)announced the New York fracking ban in late 2014, anti-energy activists in Colorado were overjoyed, according to Energy In Depth. Colorado representatives of the national anti-fracking group Food & Water Watch trumpeted: “Let Colorado follow suit!” Frack Free Colorado, a state-level group created by Food & Water Watch and other national activist organizations, asked: “What do you say Colorado? Let’s do this!” Then, in early 2015, Coloradans Against Fracking – yet another group created by national activists – demandedthe New York ban should be copied here. “If Governor Cuomo can ban fracking in New York, Governor Hickenlooper can do it in Colorado,” the group said.

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