A Farewell Message From Jax

Dear Resisters,

After four years at Resist, I am transitioning out of my role as Director of Emergent Grant-making. 

I am grateful for you, our community of Resisters. You play a vital role in making our work possible. And, I am grateful for all I have been able to learn and give as a staff collective member. I am forever changed. Our movements are powerful, abundant, and growing.

Over the past four years we have:

Working with the hundreds of grassroots groups across the country made me aware of how much beautiful, hard work our movements are doing. I am moving on to a role at Howlround Theatre Commons that will best leverage all of my gifts and soul callings. There I’ll be the new Communications Manager, working to strengthen networks that can support a solidarity economy in the fields of theater and performance.

Moving forward, for questions about grants, you can reach out to Kendra at Kendra@resist.org and for questions related to communications, you can reach out to Kathy at Kathy@resist.org.

To continued work for justice and liberation,


Co-director, Resist

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