A Bold Step Towards the World We Need: Resist’s 2018 Grant-making Panel

I am not a liberator. Liberators do not exist.
The people liberate themselves
– Che Guevara


To see the world we want, philanthropy has to change.
We've heard from Resist grantees and grassroots activists around the world that many of philanthropy's widespread practices sustain the gate-keeping of resources and encourage competition between grassroots activists that need to be working together.   

Resist has always been at the cutting edge of philanthropy and in this moment we're learning from grantees, other progressive foundations, and you – our wider Resist community. How do we take the next needed step to create more effective models of spreading resources to grassroots activists in ways that build cooperative, relational, long-term people power?

Living into our value of being led by those most affected, we convened a brilliant group of frontline change-makers to embolden and improve our grant-making in 2018 (or resource redistribution, as we like to call it). This past weekend they came together for the grants-panel kickoff retreat. A connected movement is one that wins.

They met one another, learned more about what it means to fund Resist groups, and gifted us with their knowledge of how Resist can better support the surge of grassroots activism in the United States and U.S. territories. After all, who better to shape Resist, then those who it is our mission to serve?

The journey to be the most impactful, dynamic, and transformative foundation we can be will always continue. Thank you to the grant-making panel and to all those who made this big step forward possible.

Yours in solidarity,

Co-director of Radical Philanthropy, Resist
P.S. Resist is proudly located in an ecology of transformative funding organizations. Together we creating and sharing new power-building and liberatory ways to get money and other resources to grassroots movements for justice and liberation. We were specifically  inspired, supported, and are grateful to The Trans Justice Funding ProjectMovement Net Lab, and our visionary former and current board and staff members who helped us reach this milestone.
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