The Workers’ Dignity Project is a worker-led workers’ center acting collectively for economic justice. We believe in the dignity and respect of all people. We develop concrete solutions to wage theft and the systemic abuse of workers by building power through relationships with fellow low-wage workers and our allies.

We envision a world where everyone who can work is able to work in order to provide the basic necessities for ourselves, our families, and our communities. We envision a world in which workers have the power to make meaningful decisions about that work and to receive the benefits of this labor. We envision a world where workers are not only united in fighting against the root causes of poverty and the ways these root causes divide us, but also are united in creating a world that recognizes the dignity and value of all people.

We believe those who are most affected by a problem are the ones with the answers to that problem. Our membership-based organization is a low-wage worker center that is run by workers for workers who have experienced wage theft. Our allies support our members in this work, but allies have neither voice nor vote.

We organize against exploitation and economic violence as we organize for communities, relationships, and solidarity movements. We are organizing for the long haul, and so we take time out to celebrate our victories, our friendships, and our principles.

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