Women Encouraging Empowerment Inc (“WEE”) is a responsive and member lead organization that seeks to support its members to understand US society, to take the needed steps to become fully engaged and advocates in their communities. WEE’s program focus is two areas: the cultivation of immigrant women leadership and the creation of a sustainable economy. Organizing is the core value and practice in each of these areas. WEE seeks the participation of committed women and their allies as lead organizers for change in the community with a volunteer base of committed women including the board of directors, founders, staff and program participants.

Founded in 2010, WEE was created in response to the increasing need in the Revere, Chelsea and East Boston area for a community based organization lead by immigrant women of color. The social marginalization of immigrant women of color in these communities continues to grow, despite the increasing diversity. Low-income immigrant and refugee women of color struggle to meet their basic needs and to successfully integrate and participate into US society. At WEE, we believe that education, skills development, advocacy and organizing for women and immigration rights are the main issues to achieve social justice.

Our mission is to educate, advocate, protect and advance the rights of immigrants, refugees and low-income women and their families through organizing, leadership development and service delivery. We are committed to providing a supportive community where refugee and immigrant women will organize and lead the social change required to live in just communities where women contributions and diversity are appreciated and promoted. Our vision is to transform lives: one woman and one family at a time.

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