UTOPIA Seattle was created by Taffy Maene and Transgender women in the Pacific Islander community who recognized the unique struggles and challenges our community faces, as well as the unique and inspiring stories, strengths and promise we hold. UTOPIA Seattle was born out of the struggles, challenges, strength and resilience among the Pacific Islander LGBTQI community in Southeast Seattle, South King County and Pierce County. Since 2009, we have strived to create a safe, welcoming, supportive and vibrant space for members of our community to address basic needs, to build pathways toward new expanded career and life opportunities, to foster a sense of common purpose, and to advocate for social justice, education and overall wellness among members of the Pacific Islander LGBTQI community. We also seek to build trust and common ground between the Pacific Islander community and the LGBTQI community, who often share many of the same issues and concerns.

We are a transgender-led, member-based organization, and our work is driven by a deeply dedicated group of community volunteers. From the very start, our work has been steeped in the barriers, challenges and experiences of Pacific Islander members of the LGBTQI community who face pervasive racism, homophobia and transphobia in ways that impact their safety, health, sense of wellness, and their desire to build a positive future.

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