´╗┐Resistance Ecology intends to help shape the new wave of animal and ecological activism in the United States. We are an organization that prioritizes movement building for animal and ecological liberation and resistance. However, we want to progress beyond the conventional one dimensional analysis and structure of mobilization and advocacy that has long been our calling card. Animal liberation and radical ecology do not need to be isolated, disparate, a-historical, and fragmented movements. They can and must become part of the language and dialogue of social justice.

The alternative is to foster a movement that is multi-layered, unified, diverse and intersectional. We must understand that social, economic, cultural, environmental, historical, and political factors operate together in complex and intersecting ways. Accordingly, animal and ecological activists need to adopt an approach of intersectional organizing and coalition building. We must forge alliances with a broad spectrum of social and political struggle.

As an organization, we intend to use our projects as a means of changing the framework of our movement to adapt to structures of power and domination. We focus on education and analysis, networking and resource sharing, identifying and mobilizing strategic campaigns, building sustainable relationships, cross-movement solidarity, and coalition building. Currently, we are working on a movement magazine, organizing an annual national conference, creating a news website, and planning networking and mobilization tours. We do not intend to help reinvent the wheel. We intend on collectively and horizontally devising novel solutions to the complex problems we face.

Resistance Ecology envisions a movement for non-humans, both wild and captive, that is no longer fringe and isolated. We envision movements and coalitions that encapsulate the holistic struggle for freedom, beyond control, domination, deprivation, and captivity. The onus is on us, and we have much work to do.

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