The goal of the New York State Prisoner Justice Network is to build our individual and collective strength and to challenge and change New York’s criminal injustice system.

The Network works to facilitate communication and connection among all the activists, advocates, and organizations from different regions, with diverse approaches, doing work toward justice for people in prison in New York State, and to share ideas, information, calls for support, campaigns in progress, obstacles, and successes in order to strengthen and support each others’ work.

The Network’s purpose is to explore, plan, strategize and implement organizations and individuals working collaboratively to change the criminal injustice system, to bring our collective strength to bear on changing the intolerable system of mass incarceration, injustice, and disrespect for the lives of our loved ones and the survival of our families and communities, that now prevails, and to reverse the culture of racism, inequality, and scapegoating that sustains it.

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