Kentucky Jobs with Justice is a broad-based coalition of community groups, faith-based organizations and labor unions united to promote, protect and improve the quality of life of all workers by empowering individuals and organizations to engage in collective action for economic and social justice. Our vision for social change is based on the principles of solidarity and action:  standing on “the front line” in solidarity with brothers and sisters in the struggle.  Kentucky JwJ calls for a commitment to deepen one’s analysis of current economic injustice and to act from that commitment.  For our campaigns to be a success, we must continue to work across barriers of class, gender, race, religion and sexual orientation.  As a diverse coalition of community, faith, student and labor organizations, KY JwJ is able to support our partners’ social and economic justice actions as well as initiate our own.  As we fight against issues of economic injustice we also recognize the close link to other forms of injustice (racism, sexism, heterosexism, etc).  Kentucky JwJ recognizes the importance of being an ally in the opposition of all forms of oppression. KY JwJ was founded in 1992 when community and church activists joined to support UNITE! in a fight for fair contract for workers against Louisville Manufacturing. KY JwJ has since grown to a coalition of more than 50 organizational members and 1800 individual activists who have pledged to “be there five times for someone else’s fight as well as my own.

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