Grantees Hearing Youth Voices

We are: A youth-led, action research group
What that means: Students learn about the different oppressions they face everyday and find out why the things happen the way they do.

We are: A fun group for youth
What this means: Students are free to express themselves, they can sing, rap, do spoken word, dance, draw and make skits. We create workshops for youth to practice their skills and develop positive relationships with those who truly care.

We are: A teaching site
What this means: Students learn about the educational politics, oppressions, and other stuff that nobody tells them about. They are open to the resources we find to ask about and learn with us what we need to better cope with our own lives such as trainings, community service opportunities and workshops.

We are: A comfort zone
Students have some hang out time that keeps them out of trouble. We praise their efforts in doing better for themselves in making smarter decisions and living a better life emotionally and mentally.