Faith Action for Community Equity (FACE) exists to allow its members to live out our common, faith-based values by engaging in actions that challenge the systems that perpetuate poverty and injustice. We balance social, economic, and community activity with a deep spiritual commitment. Our spiritual centeredness empowers us to return hope and love to the public arena.

FACE is the only organization of its kind in Hawaii.

While rooted primarily in religious congregations, FACE invites the membership of other community groups as well. A church or civic organization is accepted for membership when the senior pastor, church council, or equivalent body formally signs our Covenant Statement.

We currently have a membership base of 27 institutions on Oahu, 24 on Maui, and one statewide institution. Combined on both islands, we are made up of 38 churches, a Buddhist temple, 2 Jewish congregations, 10 community groups and non-profit organizations, and one labor union. FACE’s membership reflects the cultural and socio-economic diversity of our community.

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