With a vision for a more progressive city burning in their hearts, a small group of friends set their hands to work in the spring of 2010 to to build a lasting organization committed to social justice.

We called it Chattanooga Organized for Action, and our lives, and the story of our city, hasn’t been the same since.

Chattanooga Organized for Action is a community organizing non-profit that works to initiate, support, and connect popular grassroots organizations for the purposes of advancing the local social justice movement. We’re a multi-issue organization, and we seek to eliminate the oppressive conditions that cause suffering so many of our city’s poor and marginalized people.

At the heart of our organization is an idea: that the path towards a better city can be made by the people themselves. By organizing our communities to win change, we can write a new story for Chattanooga – one that lifts up the marginalized and makes sure none of us are left behind.

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