Action4Ashley’s mission is multi-dimensional and focused on fully obtaining an equitable education for students.

Action4Ashley began in the Spring of 2018 in response to parent and teacher concerns about the educational & environmental safety of children at Ashley Academy for Cultural and Global Studies. There had been a litany of health complaints from parents and teachers (asthma, upper respiratory distress, etc) for years due to the presence of mold in Ashley. As a result, we approached the Winston-Salem Forsyth County School System and Forsyth County Commissioners to ask that they provide a temporary safe school free of mold while agreeing to reallocate the 1.4 million dollar 2016 bond designated for a new Ashley in 2024 for a more immediate construction of a school. We also pointed out the disparity in the bond, noting that 27 million dollars is going to a school in a predominately white community with imminent construction while children and teachers at Ashley are left in an environmentally unsafe school. Action4Ashley planned and executed direct forms of protest at the school board with parents, activists, and community members in two.

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