We are a coalition in the potato-growing areas of central and north central Minnesota. We came together starting in 2005. We have experienced health effects from pesticide drift. We have also seen health effects on animals, both domestic and wild. Our water has become polluted with high nitrate levels

We are calling attention to this issue in our community, looking for a decrease in pesticide drift into our homes, schools and communities. Right now, we are focused on potato production, but we know production of other crops can cause pesticide drift too. And we know there are safer, healthier ways to produce the food we all need. We seek to encourage agricultural production that does not harm people or animals (domestic and wild), or pollute the air or water. We would like everyone to have food without pesticide residue. As one member has said, “Pesticides are designed to kill. They just don’t know when to stop.”

We want food grown in ways that are healthy for all of us.

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