“The Black experience is rife with ingenuity, experimentation, success, and the fight for self-sufficiency. The stories told about Black people by the media don’t reflect the boundless offerings our communities have made that enrich and expand the notion of what it means to be human…
This Black Future’s Month let’s give ourselves the freedom and permission to follow our radical imaginations and visualize the world we deserve because in order to realize a society in which we have healthcare for all, a meaningful wage, self-determination, and true freedom, we have to first imagine it!” (Excerpt from the Movement for Black Lives, learn more here)
Dear Resister,
While Black History Month has come to a close, for us, supporting the work of Black liberation doesn’t stop there (and hopefully, it doesn’t for you either).
We know that the hard work of undoing generations of anti-Black systemic racism and building new worlds where Black people can thrive is a year-long and a life-long commitment. For that reason, we’ve created the Black Liberation Giving Guide to help you redistribute resources to the groups on the ground celebrating Black history and building Black futures every day of the year.