About Staff

Jax Gil

Co-Director, Radical Philanthropy for the Western Region

Jax likes to dialogue, assemble, facilitate, and document. They studied at Brandeis University, where they majored in Peace and Justice studies, with a focus in Creativity, the Arts and Social Transformation. Born to immigrant Afro-indigenous parents, Jax is called to support the healing and creative self-actualization work of transnational and diasporic communities through space creation. Jax thinks about how to support human-centered economy building through creative and participatory cultural strategy. They're fascinated by rhythm, memory, myth, and how these coalesce into self-imaginaries. Jax lives in Boston where they build things with other QTPOC artists. 

Kendra Hicks (Clerk)

Co-Director, Radical Philanthropy for the Eastern Region

Kendra is a first generation Afro-Latina and is committed to building resilience in communities and capacity in organizations to better center the leadership of those most impacted by structural inequities. A deep spiritual practice, capoeira angola, and snarky humor keep her grounded in the work. She's your local radical negra.

Seth Kirshenbaum

Co-director, Finance and Operations

Seth comes to Resist out of the youth justice movement in a relationship that goes back sixteen years.  He first received Resist funding as a founding member of Quilombo NYC, a group of educators and organizers seeking to create a free space in a slave society.  Both then and two times since (Beantown Society and Youth Justice and Power Union), Seth has experienced the difference Resist makes in seeding grassroots work for freedom and justice.  Because of this, he is deeply honored to serve as part of Resist’s team. When not “resisting”, you might find Seth filling his cup by playing with family, walking with friends, or organizing white folks as allies, accomplices, and partners in the struggle for freedom.

Saif Rahman

Co-director, Communications

Saif’s passion is rooted at the intersection of strategic communications and effective organizing with communities on the frontlines of social change. He has worked at and is involved with a number of organizations, including being an Associate Fellow and the Movements Coordinator at the Institute for Policy Studies, a trainer with the Ruckus Society, a National Organizer at Global Justice, and a Steering Committee member of United for Peace and Justice. His three favorite things are non-violent direct action, story-based communication strategies, and spicy vegan food.

Twitter: @saify